Tour guide

Anybody familiar with Oxford will no doubt recognise the tour guide central to this snap. He is often seen and heard educating tourists and others about the history of Oxford. This picture was taken in the Bodleian, where his storytelling has clearly commanded the young lady’s attention.


Reflecting trees. Reflective lady.

Blenheim Palace was a great place to give my new Hasselblad XPAN II its debut. I’m quickly falling in love with the panoramic format almost as fast as I fell in love with Zelga – the lady in this picture. Oh – in case you think I was being overly voyeuristic, Zelga is my wife!


Unsurprisingly, we weren’t the only couple to enjoy the beauty of Blenheim Palace that day…



Reading between the lines

This photograph encapsulates a lot of Oxford. The blurry bicycle in the foreground is a nod to the frenzy of cycling that characterises the city. The beautiful limestone of the Radcliffe Camera presents a wonderful canvas on which to view the subject – a student reading peacefully in an alcove. And the iron railings are a reminder that – for most of us – the teachings of Oxford remain out of reach.

ReadingBetweenTheLinesRolleiflex 2.8F Ilford HP5